Marconi reviewed in New York Times. Major reviews have also appeared so far in Nature and New Scientist

marconi_nyMarconi: The Man Who Networked the World was reviewed in the New York Times, Nature, and New Scientist.

“[Raboy] is especially adroit at portraying how Marconi was swept up in the modern world he helped create… Marconi really hums when Raboy details how his subject was implicated in the social and political effects of wireless…Marconi, which functions as a cultural history as much as a biography, reminds us that in its earliest incarnations, wireless had a romance and mystique.”
“In a New Biography, How Marconi’s Start-Up Changed the World”, Greg Milner, New York Times

“Raboy superbly traces every twist and turn of Marconi’s life, showing us his influences, business strategies and shrewd management of his own public persona. Raboy skilfully locates his activities in the context of communications policy, the arms race between Britain and Germany, and popular culture.”
“Technology: Revolutionary of radio”, WB Carlson, Nature

“…at long last, we are offered a clearer picture in Marconi: The man who networked the world, a deeply researched and almost all-encompassing biography by Canadian media studies academic, Marc Raboy.”
“Marconi forged today’s interconnected world of communication”, Andrew Robinson, New Scientist